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The Total Change Experience is a live (1) day event with Peak Performance Expert Prince. He has discovered a unique way to unlock the hidden power within that eliminates excuses, redesign your life, and set goals correctly. You'll achieve massive success faster than you've ever imagined. We will Entertainment you, Shift your Mind to Greatness and Leave you Prosperous you…

Pending Participants of the Total Change Experience Events
What is the purpose of the T.C. Experience Event?

The purpose of the Total Change Experience Event is to help people eliminate excuses, redesign their life, set goals correctly, and pry open the Millionaires Blueprint to Riches. This event is going to be a real game changer. We are going to introduced you to a unique technique and strategy, that when used correctly and consistently will cause you to reach your full potential and obtain happiness, success and prosperity faster than you've ever imagined. You will also discover how to start a business doing something you love and where to find people to pay you for your product or service. So If you are ready to create your "Best Life" or take it to the next level, REGISTER TODAY..!

​We Promise to Entertain, Inform, Inspire, and  leave You Prosperous. This event is a Game Changer... You Won't Be Disappointed! 02-02-2018 | Carson Event Center | Doors Open at 6:00 p.m.
"This One Day Event Will Change Your Life.."
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Turning Ideas into...
Simmons Analysis, Inc. conducts personal and professional development, sales and corporate seminars that cover a wide range of topics, from mental toughness programming and personal achievement Techniques to entrepreneurship and business mastery.
When an idea becomes a desire it awakens your awareness chamber. Your awareness chamber then downloads your desire into your super-conscious which is the producer of Results! 
We Promise to Entertain, Inspire & Leave You Prosperous..!
At this Event You'll Discover How to...
Call Us: 1-800-710-7450
The Total Change
"I'm the senior client manager of my company and I must say that Prince is a great Peak Performance specialist. I highly recommend him!"

  - Rocky S. (Senior Manager)
"As CEO of my organization I have benefited from many speakers but none have come close to the value I received from Prince!"

                - Renee B. M.D. (CEO)
"I'm an account specialist for the company I work for and I must say Prince has given us a new tactic and strategy towards development"

            - Rose C. (Account Specialist)
"Every law firm needs new and unique approaches towards helping their clients and Prince is very entertaining and enlightening and knows how to provide new insight!"

                  - Kevin G. (Attorney)
"This event was a simply awesome, and Prince was one of the reasons. He's not only an excellent speaker, but very informative and extremely engaging!"

           - Eddie S. M.D. (Healthcare Dir)
"Even though Prince is a new up and coming speaker, he has a unique way of instilling ideas into your soul. He gave me exactly what i needed to take back to our company and succeed!"

   - Nicie M. (Executive Administrator)
​Create Wealth that Works for You

Identify your unconscious conditioning about life, and personal achievement so you can reset your internal blue print for non-stop massive success...

You will quickly discover how to create personal and financial freedom, how to pry open the Millionaires blueprint and establishing your own internal “No failure fly zone” causing money to work for you instead of you working for it.
Dismantle & Reposition Your Life

Discover how to overcome setbacks and view those temporary dream stealers as stepping stones towards creating the life you’ve always imagined...

Learn the secret to MASTERING the power of words. Words have magic within them and when used correctly will change the course of your life and produce happiness and success.
Build A Successful Foundation

Build more effective relationships and network with like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and creative thinkers. You will establish an inner circle that’s guaranteed to propel you towards success...

Elevate your life to a higher level of living by tapping into your three part make up, which is responsible for redesigning your life, breaking habits and acquiring your heart’s desire faster than ever before.