All experiences have norms and values attach to them. For example, smoking cigarettes always starts off with exposure, than it turns into an experiment, which leads to continuous activity that turns into a habit. This habit is then shared with others and dubbed as a cool thing to do, thus creating a trend which quickly turns into a norm that is valued. Social norms are extremely powerful at controlling ones behavioral than your own internal desires. Example most people would love to be healthy and totally fit wouldn’t you agree? Yet they continue to indulge themselves in food that is not good for them. Most people would love to be successful, but live in an environment that is distorting their ideology of success.

A person's life is shaped by their experience not by their desires and belief. If you continue to allow yourself to be exposed to an environment that contradicts what you believe and value, you will find yourself doing what I call window shopping, always looking and longing but never buying into what you can truly possess. Oh and don’t even think about using willpower this approach does not and never has worked for anyone!

During my formative years I worked as an exterminator for a well known pest control company and we’ve encountered several insects. During the summer fleas were among the most active pest we had to deal with. Just think of how easy our summers would be if we were able to train fleas. Here's what I mean: Lets say we place a group of fleas in a jar with out putting a lid on top of the jar, the fleas could easily jump out right? But what if we placed a lid on the jar, the experience of freedom would suddenly disappear. Now when they attempt to jump out of the jar they will smack their heads against the lid causing a series of insect head trauma. Then after a few minutes the fleas would quickly adapt to their new experience of forced restriction and are instantly trained to limit their jumping ability. And as if by magic when the lid is removed the fleas no longer jump out of the jar.

This experience caused a mental limitation to form in those insects consciousness. This is what happens to most of us we adapt to our experience and conform to our environments unconsciously. Social norms go into effect and influence limit our abilities, thus causing us to influence the next generation to develop the same limited thinking and actions as us. The expectations of those you encounter consistently will automatically create your expectations. In psychology this is called the Pygmalion effect: (which mean being influenced by another). You cannot transcend your experiences, however if you were to remove yourself from that experience into a more productive empowering environment filled with like minded individuals you would quickly adapt to your new experience.

The old limitations would be gone and the new experience will cause you to propel yourself into greatness! This new experience would not only alter your mental state but your genetic makeup as well.

A well known biologist name Dr. Bruce Lipton said “it used to be that we thought a mutant gene caused cancer, but with epigenetics (which mean the study of organisms caused by modification of genes) all of that has changed. He further goes on to say that his research revealed the science of epigenetics and why a person’s genes are not the sole cause of who that person becomes. In other words epigenetics clearly shows that who a person becomes is determined and predicated on his or her's environment/experiences. The same holds true with a gene, the gene that is displayed is based largely on the experience it encounters. Your biology is not locked in one place but instead capable of being altered and turned into an empowering and exciting state.

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